Employee Satisfaction

How Customized Supervisor Coaching Maximizes Potential

Have you ever wished you could have someone else’s skills, abilities, and/or talents? What made you feel that way? It could have been someone in your life ignoring your unique strengths or focusing on the areas that weren’t your thing. Supervisors who honor and bring out the diversity of individuals build strong teams and succeed…

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How to Use Hiring as a Powerful Tool to Transform Culture

As September approaches; the distractions of warm, sunny days and summer vacations wear off, the kids heading back to school and adults reassess their work situations.  As a result, fall tends to be one of the peak times during the year for employee turnover. As busy business owners, executives, and supervisors responsible for hiring, every…

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How to Easily Boost Morale and Significantly Reduce Turnover

Have you ever been surprised when someone handed in their resignation?  Even if it wasn’t your top performer, a sense of panic likely set in while your mind raced to figure out how you’d find someone to take their place and how the work would get done in the meantime. Unfortunately, other dissatisfied people will…

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