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How to Develop Rapport and Make Supervision Easier!

As busy supervisors with lots on our plates, we’re usually so grateful to have help arrive that we sometimes lose sight of the need to intentionally build connections with our team. The best time to do this is when someone first joins the team.  However, if you feel you may have fallen short of building…

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3 Powerful Ways Supervisors Nurture Big Creativity at Work

The activities that have made your organization successful in the past are likely not the same activities that will ensure it thrives in the future. As people responsible for the productivity of others, supervisors can, at times, see how their teams are limited by what is in place today. Thinking beyond what is requires stretching…

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5 Simple Ways for Supervisors to Avoid Destructive Feedback

One of the most challenging parts of supervision is to give feedback that is helpful rather than harmful to the people we support. In last week’s article, we walked through how to determine what to do when someone is having an issue with performance or behavior.  But what if you’ve decided to discuss the subject,…

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How Top Supervisors Decide When to Give Feedback

As supervisors, we have opportunities daily to give feedback and advice to the people who work with us.  It’s our job to manage performance issues.  Sometimes the need to speak up is obvious; other times it is not. When someone has made a mistake, behaved inappropriately, or done something counter to what was requested, you…

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