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Organizational Structure

How to Do Good HR – Simplified!

How to Do Good HR – Simplified! article by Jodi Wehling Someone once said to me that she has always been fascinated with human resources because she’s seen it done well – and also done poorly. She stated that there was a stark contrast between her experiences as a person working in these different organizations.…

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How Effective Hiring Can Make You Money

How Effective Hiring Can Make You Money article by Jodi Wehling We’re cruising into the last couple weeks of the year. If you’re like me, you’re planning for the year ahead, and likely, that includes your staffing plans.  Who will be leaving due to retirement?  What positions will need to be added in order to…

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How to Use HR Plans to Increase Results

How to Use HR Plans to Increase Results article by Jodi Wehling Is your business succeeding at the level of your wildest dreams? If not, this is a perfect time to create a human resources (HR) strategic plan.  Let me explain why. An HR strategic plan is a natural extension of a business plan.  A…

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Are Your Employees Really Happy?

With unemployment at an eight-year low, the chance for dissatisfied employees to find an awesome new job is better than it’s been in a long time. Even more frightening for supervisors is when a dissatisfied employee decides to “quit and stay”, meaning they mentally or emotionally check out of their job, but don’t physically leave.…

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