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5 Ways Top Supervisors Position New Hires for Success

Last week we talked about Spring turnover and how to approach it with a different mindset.  Having to fill an open position on your team can be stressful; so there’s usually a huge sigh of relief once you’ve identified the right person. But for me, that feeling of calm only lasts until I remember that…

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How to Approach Spring Turnover with a Fresh Perspective

Spring is in full swing here in the Midwest.  The leaves are filling in, the grass is growing, and the flowers are showing their colors.  There’s an energy of growth and activity in the air. Even a mild case of spring fever can prompt someone to look for a new job.  So as business owners,…

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The Value of Abundant Praise at Work

The Value of Abundant Praise at Work Article by Jodi Wehling A senior level leader once told me she wasn’t one to give much praise so she needed to hire someone who didn’t need that.  So, finding someone with a high level of self-confidence went on my list of have-to-have characteristics of the candidates.  However,…

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How Effective Hiring Can Make You Money

How Effective Hiring Can Make You Money article by Jodi Wehling We’re cruising into the last couple weeks of the year. If you’re like me, you’re planning for the year ahead, and likely, that includes your staffing plans.  Who will be leaving due to retirement?  What positions will need to be added in order to…

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