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3 Powerful Questions to Help Supervisors Be Their Best

In last month’s article, we spent time thinking about what type of supervisors we wanted to be. We explored some examples of traits and behaviors that are important when supervising other people. Now that you have in mind how you want to be perceived and you’ve begun to align your words and actions with this…

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A Surprising Way to Be a Better Supervisor

If you’re stressed at work, people around you can feel it.  It makes others uneasy.  They wonder if you’re going to snap and walk out, or unleash on them.  Now they’re stressed out too! The most dangerous thing about stress in the workplace is that it’s contagious.  It can run through a department faster than…

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The Value of Abundant Praise at Work

The Value of Abundant Praise at Work Article by Jodi Wehling A senior level leader once told me she wasn’t one to give much praise so she needed to hire someone who didn’t need that.  So, finding someone with a high level of self-confidence went on my list of have-to-have characteristics of the candidates.  However,…

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How to Build Amazing Teams with Diversity

How to Build Amazing Teams with Diversity article by Jodi Wehling   Super Bowl weekend is here!  We’ll all cheer on our favorite team, eat munchies, and enjoy new and unusual commercials! However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves; it’s not the weekend quite yet, so instead we’ll think about it from a business perspective.…

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