5 Keys to World-class Supervision

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Principles and strategies for stellar supervision

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Are you responsible for getting others to perform but are struggling with motivating them?

Do you feel ill-prepared to deal with the issues your team brings to you?

Do you worry about alienating your employees because you have to enforce the rules?

Is it difficult for you to determine how much decision making authority you should give your staff?

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Whether your title is team leader, supervisor, manager, director, vice president, or CEO, the 5 keys can dramatically improve your effectiveness of the people-side of your work.

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Jodi Wehling is the owner and managing consultant of People Matters, LLC, a full-service human resources consulting and professional services firm. She works with clients, publishes articles and videos, speaks, and trains on human resource management topics.  She learned how to be an effective supervisor the hard way-through trial by fire!  She’s passionate about teaching supervisors and managers the short-cuts to success she’s learned over her 30+ year business career.