5 Top Organization Tips for Busy Supervisors and Managers


Have you heard? The fourth quarter is almost here.  Gulp! If that makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re in good company.  As we continue to move through to fall, panic is crowding out that carefree feeling that we have all the time in the world. With too much to do and not enough time, how would…

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How to Do Good HR – Simplified!

HR consultants in Lansing Michigan having a yearly planning meeting at the table.

Someone once said to me that she has always been fascinated with human resources because she’s seen it done well – and done poorly. The stark contrast between her experiences in different organizations signifies the importance of knowing if your organization is GOOD at HR or not. So, how can you tell?

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How to Develop Rapport and Make Supervision Easier!

Coworkers that have a good rapport with each other

As busy supervisors with a lot on our plates, we’re usually so grateful to have help arrive that we sometimes lose sight of the need to intentionally build connections with our team. The best time to do this is when someone first joins the team.  However, if you feel you may have fallen short of…

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