Do You Need a Reason to Celebrate at Work?

National Picnic Month

Getting outdoors during the work day feels like playing hooky from school, doesn’t it? If you need a good excuse to hangout outside today, look no further than your calendar because July is National Picnic Month! I’m always on the lookout for any reason to bring fun into the workplace.  And what could be more…

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How Job Descriptions Can Promote Engagement

Managers often struggle with how to effectively empower team members.  How do we balance our responsibility of oversight with the autonomy that leads to engagement? The first step in answering that question may lie in the humble job description. The business world has a love-hate relationship with job descriptions, as demonstrated by the praise and…

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Get More Done by Working Fewer Hours

Do you regularly work over 40 hours a week? If you’re like many busy people in today’s information age workforce, you likely do.  “So much to do, so little time” is the mantra of our workdays. Research tells us that working long hours isn’t good for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. (Check out this…

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