An Easy Approach to Improve Your Life

HR consultants discussing a compensation project in Lansing Michigan.

Have you decided that you want to do something different in your life, turn over a new leaf, or start or stop doing something, but have been unable to make it happen? The path to improving your life is created by laying stepping stones one at a time. These stepping stones are habits, behaviors that…

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How to Lead Your Team to More New Ideas

An HR consultant in Lansing Michigan leading a team meeting.

We’ve all heard the saying, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Moving forward requires change and change requires you to do things differently. Many teams struggle with moving beyond the status quo. By engaging your entire team in exploring options, you’ll increase the odds that they commit to the resulting changes. This makes…

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A Strong HR Foundation to Skyrocket Small Businesses Success

As the owner or leader of a small business or organization, you know there are legal compliance issues that come into play as soon as you hire your very first staff person.  Therefore, human resources (HR) functions must be performed. However, having a strong HR program goes beyond compliance tasks to create a more engaged,…

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5 Simple Ways for Supervisors to Avoid Destructive Feedback

An HR consultant giving his team constructive feedback.

One of the most challenging parts of supervision is giving feedback that is helpful, rather than harmful, to the people we support. In a previous article, we walked through how to determine what to do when someone is having an issue with performance or behavior.  But what if you’ve decided to discuss the subject and…

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