How to use recruiting variety to hire the best

Using a variety of recruiting strategies to find the best hire.

What do commercial fishing and hiring have in common?  You get better results when you “cast a wide net!” Every supervisor and manager wants to improve their chances of hiring a person who brings in more business, reduces costs, has innovative ideas, and takes full responsibility for their work. By using a variety of recruiting…

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5 Ways Top Supervisors Position New Hires for Success

In our March 11th article, I talked about spring turnover and how to approach it with a different mindset. Having to fill an open position on your team can be stressful; so there’s usually a huge sigh of relief once you’ve identified the right person. But for me, that feeling of calm only lasts until…

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Excellent Supervisors Can Make Big Waves and Calm Waters

HR consultants discussing leadership training.

Think about the best supervisor you’ve ever had or worked alongside.  Think about what specifically made them such a good supervisor.  It likely isn’t the person’s knowledge or skill that makes them stand out in your mind, but how they behaved in relation to you. In a past article, What Makes a Remarkable Supervisor?, I…

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3 Powerful Questions to Help Supervisors Be Their Best

A supervisor holding an hr consultant staff meeting.

In a previous article, What Makes a Remarkable Supervisor?, we spent time thinking about what type of supervisors we wanted to be. We explored some examples of traits and behaviors that are important when supervising other people. Now that you have a good idea of how you want to be perceived, and you’ve begun to align…

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