How to Find the Willpower to Address Performance Issues

We all have parts of our jobs that we don’t like as much as others.  For supervisors and managers, the position comes with some tough interpersonal responsibilities. I’ve yet to meet a supervisor who likes to tell someone they’ve done something wrong or fire someone who is not a good fit for the role.  Delivering…

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2 Easy Steps to Ensure Success in the Next 5 Years

A business woman writing in her planner

If I go back to school now, when I finish in four years, I’ll be 60. So, why bother?  Well, you’ll be 60 in four years regardless of whether you go back to school or not. So, why not do something you enjoy? As the saying goes, if you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind. …

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5 Top Organization Tips for Busy Supervisors and Managers


Have you heard? The fourth quarter is almost here.  Gulp! If that makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re in good company.  As we continue to move through to fall, panic is crowding out that carefree feeling that we have all the time in the world. With too much to do and not enough time, how would…

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