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Amiee Andrzejewski, PHR

Amiee has over 20 years of experience as a human resource operations expert, as well as a human resource strategic partner. She has worked in the food service, financial, technological and healthcare industries; and has personally developed HR Departments from the ground up in several start-up environments. Amiee specializes in building the foundation of a robust HR department, HR organizational methods and training, local and global recruiting, and performance management/coaching, all while promoting the strategic needs of the organization to ensure management alignment.
Bernadette Johnson

Bernadette Johnson, CPT

Bernadette acts as a collaboration strategist and catalyst for organizations who want to create an environment that nurtures the human spirit while achieving award winning results. With nearly three decades in the learning and organizational development fields, serving numerous industries, her experience in the areas of culture alignment, leadership development, performance improvement, change/transition management, group process and intentional dialogues create fertile ground for developing greatness in others while achieving results in organizations.
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Dominica Palacio

Dominica Palacio has been working in Human Resources for over 20 years assisting businesses with improving operations and bottom line results. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Michigan State University and a Master of Business Administration from Northwood University. With a variety of industry experience in Manufacturing, Banking, Automotive, Staffing, Healthcare, and State Government, she brings innovative and creative solutions to maximize both short term and long-term benefits in the workplace. She has worked in recruiting non-management positions, recruiting management/executive positions, succession planning, strategic planning, compensation, benefit administration, training and development, performance management, employee relations, compliance/auditing, and mergers/acquisitions, so she has a long list of experience to bring to our clients.