Are You Short Staffed?

When an employee resigns unexpectedly, you need to replace them quickly.  Finding the right person for the long-term rather than just a warm body takes time.  Running ads, screening resumes, interviewing, and checking references can eat up days and weeks.  And in the end, did you find someone who is working out as you’d expected?

Experience to Hire the Best

We always say that hiring is an art, not a science.  Finding and enticing top quality people to work with you can be tough.  We’ve got more years of experience than you have fingers and toes, so we know how to do it quickly and efficiently and how to find the gem in the pile of rocks.

We can take the burden off you by doing all the legwork and presenting you with multiple top candidates for you to choose from.

What Does it Cost?

Our fees range based the position and how difficult it is to fill.  Click below to schedule a call where we can get the details and send you a proposal.

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