Sound Familiar?

  • Is HR taking up more of your time that you would like?
  • Do you struggle when HR issues come up?
  • Are you unsure of what the critical elements of an effective and compliant HR system are?
  • Are you leading a small company and don’t need a full-time HR person on staff?

If you own or lead a small company, you’re likely trying to do HR yourself with mixed results.  Or maybe you’ve given responsibility for HR to someone with little or no HR background and it isn’t working as well as you hoped.

You might be lucky enough to have a booming business and you’re growing rapidly.  In that case, you may be starting to see a need for a consistent, cohesive approach to HR.

Keeping on top of HR issues takes time away from other work that only you can do.  Employment laws are constantly changing.  It’s nearly impossible for someone who isn’t dedicated to HR full time to keep up.  So what’s the solution?

Envision Your Future!

So what could you or your staff do with the time currently spent on HR tasks? How would it feel to be confident that you have an expert in HR ensuring your programs and practices are effective and efficient?

As Your HR Department, we take care of hiring, onboarding, offboarding, policies, compliance, employee questions, and more.  All this so you rest assured that the HR issues in your organization are being taken care of and you can get back to other critical elements of your business.

In addition to giving you more time and peace of mind, great people practices can transform your business.  We’ll get to know where your organization is going and help you build HR practices that will support that journey.

How Does It Work?

As Your HR Department, our consultants will take care of your critical HR tasks. We’ll also be on-call for you and your team as things come up.

We’ll start by assessing your current situation and future needs, and creating a customized HR plan to support your unique business goals.

Here’s what it will look like to get the relationship going.

  • Free Consultation: This is typically a 30-minute phone call in which we discuss your needs and our services.  Based on this conversation, we’ll provide you a written proposal outlining what we can provide and the cost.
  • Kickoff meeting:  You’ll have a 60-minute meeting, either via phone or in person, with your HR Consultant where you can dive into the big picture of your organization and business goals as well as logistical issues.
  • Getting Acquainted Period:  We’ll need a few weeks to get to know people, policies, and processes that are currently in place so we can hit the ground running.
  • HR Plan: Once we know your goals and existing processes, we’ll create a plan for the HR function.  We’ll have a 60-minute meeting to review it and make sure we’re headed in the right direction.
  • Ready to Fly!: Now we’re all set to take over your HR function, and you can get on to other things!   Some of our clients like to set up regularly scheduled calls to check in, some don’t.  But even if we don’t have a call on the calendar, we’ll be touching base as things come up.

What Does it Cost?

When we’re Your HR Department, you purchase a set number of hours per month.  As a thank you for purchasing a bundle of hours, you pay less per hour than you would if you called us on an as needed basis.  Your HR Department service is the best way to maximize your investment and ensure we’re there when you need us!

Our fees are based on the exact needs of your business and how many hours each month we’ll need to meet those needs.  We have packages to fit every budget size.

If you’re interested in discussing how the relationship might work in more detail, click on the Schedule Now! button below, answer a few basic questions, and we can chat over the phone about how we can support you!

Schedule a 30 Minute Consultation to Explore Working Together

Common Questions

Do I have to commit for a long time? We ask that we go into the relationship with a one-year commitment.  However, business needs change so you are free to cancel at any time with a one-month notice and a cancelation fee.

What is your response time to questions? We’re able to respond to most request the same day or within 24 hours.

Are you able to lead HR projects effectively from outside the organization?  We don’t consider ourselves “outside”; we care about your organization and people as much as you do!  Your staff will get to know us quickly and communicate with us directly, just as if we were sitting in an office next to them.

Is it worth the investment? Our HR Department clients stay with us for years.  In fact, they typically only leave if their staff size grows to the point they need a full-time HR person. So we think that’s proof that they’re getting a good return on their investment!  We’re happy to share their names and numbers so you can call and hear about their experience first-hand.