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When you imagine your ideal employees, what comes to mind? If I were to guess, I bet you’re dreaming of a cohesive team of talented, driven, and responsible people who care about the success of your company as much as you do.

That’s where People Matters comes in. We can help you find great employees, keep them, improve team dynamics, and end employee relationships that aren’t working. We look at the total vision of your business - not just the employment laws - to realize your greatest strategic goals.


Your HR Department

Let us take responsibility for HR so you can work on other critical work!


HR On Demand

Hiring, updating an employment handbook, transforming an HR process, or any other HR project.


Helping You Hire

Helping you find top quality people to work for you.


HR Training

Information and resources, training, workshops, and speaking.

We believe great companies are built and maintained through great people practices — because people are at the heart of every business.


Our mission is to help businesses build great workplaces that engage people and drive better business results.

Why Us?

Our team of expert consultants has more than 100 years of best practices human resources experience. We’re committed to creating trusting partnerships by first understanding your business and your particular needs, and then developing the right solution for you when you need it.  We utilize a holistic approach to ensure that you receive remarkable results.

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May 24 2023

Making the Dream of Working Less and Accomplishing More a Reality

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May 17 2023

Get More Accomplished by Working Fewer Hours

Do you regularly work over 40 hours a week? If you’re like many busy people in today’s information-age workforce, you likely do.  “So much to do, so little time” is the mantra of our workdays. Research tells us that working ...
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May 10 2023

Why Small Businesses Thrive with Workplace Safety Programs

Workplace safety is an area of HR that we regularly find our small business clients don’t have their arms around.  With everything it takes to run a business and to hire good employees and pay them properly, something has to ...
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