How Laughter Can Unlock Colossal Collaboration

Do you struggle to get your team to collaborate on work?  Maybe you’ve tried everything, but disagreements about ideas as well as personality conflicts still take up too much time and emotional energy? You may have a group who are all individually excellent at what they do, but if they aren’t working together, you’re missing…

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3 Fun and Significant Ways to Celebrate Diversity

Happy Black History Month!  It’s great that this honoring of African American heritage and achievements is celebrated in February because it can serve as a warm-up for celebrating diversity all year long. Celebrating minority milestones and holidays in the workplace is celebrating diversity itself.  It demonstrates an inclusive culture and also shows employees how to…

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To Coach Effectively…Do This, Not That

HR consultants having a recruiting meeting.

When you think of a coach, what comes to mind?  For me, it’s a person with a whistle around the neck who shouts out what you’re doing wrong so all your teammates stop and look at you.  Oh, sorry, flashback to high school sports. In the workplace, a coach looks very different than the typical sports…

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