Supervisor, Manager, Leader: What’s the Difference?

HR consultants having a meeting on compensation analysis.

How understanding the difference between being a supervisor, manager, and leader can help you grow your career! Are you a supervisor, manager, or leader? As you read articles and books, listen to podcasts, and watch videos, you’ll hear these terms, as well as the words, supervise/supervision, manage/management, and lead/leadership.  It’s important to understand them to…

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How to Improve Evaluations to Improve Performance

HR Consultants going over an employee performance evaluation form.

Raise your hand if you dread your annual performance evaluation.  Okay, stop waving your arm around; I see you!  I hear you!  I feel your pain! If you’re like most people, having someone judge your performance is nerve-wracking.  Although the majority of people agree there is some value in performance reviews, most would gladly skip…

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How to Use HR Plans to Increase Results

An HR consultant putting together next year's HR plan.

Is your business succeeding at the level of your wildest dreams?  If not, this is a perfect time to create a human resources (HR) strategic plan.  Let me explain why. An HR strategic plan is a natural extension of a business plan (a document that describes where you want your organization to be in the…

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How to Crisis- and Future-proof Your Organization

In countless business headlines and posts in the last several months, we’ve all heard it . . . this new, disrupted, work environment is the “new normal.” A different workplace for a world that was different almost overnight. And while there’s no denying that this pandemic changed things dramatically, maybe it didn’t introduce a “new…

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