How to Make Delighted Customers through Delighted Employees

Studies and common sense tell us that there is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. If employees are happy, they’ll intentionally make sure customers are happy.  If they’re miserable, they will unintentionally make customers miserable. Because of this cause and effect relationship, as a supervisor, your employees must be your primary customer. …

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5 Top Organization Tips for Busy Supervisors and Managers


Have you heard….15% of the year is already behind us?  Gulp! If that makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re in good company.  As we move into the last month of first quarter, panic is crowding out that carefree, new-year feeling that we have all the time in the world. With too much to do and not…

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The One Thing Your Team Needs Most Right Now


How to ensure success in the New Year Have you ever felt like you’re trying to move your team forward while the rest of the world has a hold of the back of your shirt? The highest impact, lowest cost way to improve the performance of an individual, team, or organization is to explain the…

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Best Books to Become a Better Boss


Supervising people is challenging.  If you want to be successful as a supervisor or manager, you must continually improve.  A fast and simple way to do this is by reading regularly. But time is tight for most working people, so you may be wondering if reading is worth the time investment. Let’s look at a…

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