What Makes a Remarkable Supervisor?

Most people agree that not everyone has the capability to be a surgeon.  Maybe you don’t have stable enough hands or couldn’t get better than a “D” in anatomy to save your life.  And if you didn’t graduate from medical school and practice your craft under the wing of a seasoned colleague, it’s not going…

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How to Use Hiring as a Powerful Tool to Transform Culture

As busy business owners, executives, and supervisors who are responsible for hiring, every minute of your day is spoken for.  So, filling open positions quickly with capable, independent employees is crucial. Investing a few minutes today to rethink your hiring approach to focus on developing culture will make your life easier tomorrow because your dream…

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7 Easy Ways to Show Employees Some Love!

A manager showing employee appreciation to a staff member.

Celebrating employees’ birthdays, employment anniversaries, or throwing a party for significant team accomplishment are a nice touch and enjoyed by employees.  But what makes the greatest impact on employee satisfaction is what you do the other 250 or so workdays of the year. Below are some ideas of how to show your employees how important…

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