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How to Make it to the Next Vacation

How to Make it to the Next Vacation Taking time away from the demands and stress of work and life, in general, is essential to our well-being. There are incredible benefits to taking vacations. However, we now know from research what we already knew from life experience; the positive effects of vacations only last about…

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How to Reduce Stress with This Simple 3-Step System

Reduce stress using this simple 3 step system

Stress is a physical, mental, and emotional state of tension resulting from demanding circumstances. When there’s a perceived threat, the body releases hormones such as adrenaline that prepared our caveman ancestors to fight or flee from predators. It still protects us today by giving the ability to quickly jump out of the way of an…

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An Easy Approach to Improve Your Life

Have you decided that you want to do something different in your life, turn over a new leaf, or start or stop doing something, but have been unable to make it happen? The path to improving your life is created by laying stepping stones one at a time. These stepping stones are habits, behaviors that…

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