How Can Job Descriptions Help Your Business Soar?

As a busy person with a lot on your plate, you might find yourself wondering, “Why should I bother with writing job descriptions? They take too much time to write and are too constraining for a growing, flexible business. Aren’t they just unnecessary bureaucracy?” In reality, when well-designed, these brief one to two-page documents can…

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Do You Need a Reason to Celebrate at Work?

National Picnic Month

Getting outdoors during the work day feels like playing hooky from school, doesn’t it? If you need a good excuse to hangout outside today, look no further than your calendar because July is National Picnic Month! I’m always on the lookout for any reason to bring fun into the workplace.  And what could be more…

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3 Powerful Questions to Help Supervisors Be Their Best

In last month’s article, we spent time thinking about what type of supervisors we wanted to be. We explored some examples of traits and behaviors that are important when supervising other people. Now that you have in mind how you want to be perceived and you’ve begun to align your words and actions with this…

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How to Do Good HR – Simplified!

Someone once said to me that she has always been fascinated with human resources because she’s seen it done well – and also done poorly. She stated that there was a stark contrast between her experiences as a person working in these different organizations. So how do you know if you’re doing good HR?

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