3 Powerful Questions to Help Supervisors Be Their Best

A supervisor holding an hr consultant staff meeting.

In a previous article, What Makes a Remarkable Supervisor?, we spent time thinking about what type of supervisors we wanted to be. We explored some examples of traits and behaviors that are important when supervising other people. Now that you have a good idea of how you want to be perceived, and you’ve begun to align…

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How to Use HR Plans to Increase Results

Is your business succeeding at the level of your wildest dreams?  If not, this is a perfect time to create a human resources (HR) strategic plan.  Let me explain why. An HR strategic plan is a natural extension of a business plan (a document that describes where you want your organization to be in the…

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3 Things to Do Today to Prevent Turnover of Your Best Employees

happy employees

I’ve noticed that Mother Nature is sending us earlier sunsets and cooler nights, giving us clear signs that the sweet days of summer won’t last forever.  Autumn is right around the corner. There are two predictable employee turnover spikes every year – spring and fall.  So, now’s a great time to be thinking about how…

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How Effective Hiring Can Make You Money

We are cruising right into the second half of 2020! If you’re like me, you’re planning for the year ahead, and that likely includes your staffing plans.  Who will be leaving due to retirement?  What positions will need to be added in order to meet your goals? If you have positions to fill, that means you’ll…

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