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Giving Employees Feedback-Be Kind

Giving others feedback feels like a conflict to most of us.  In conflict situations, human beings tend to either take flight or fight. Hopefully, the last several articles have moved you past the flight instinct.  You understand the importance of meeting with the employee, you’re clear about what you want to discuss and you’re ready…

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Giving Feedback to Employees – Be Clear

  The last post focused on why supervisors are hesitant to discuss poor performance with employees and how to get past it.  Now you’re ready to take action and talk to the employee, right? If that thought leaves you speechless, let me share some thoughts on where to start. Be Clear In all my years…

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3 things to do today to prevent turnover of your best employees

happy employees

I’ve noticed that Mother Nature is sending us earlier sunsets and cooler nights, giving us clear signs that the sweet days of summer won’t last forever.  Autumn is right around the corner. There are two predictable employee turnover spikes every year – spring and fall.  So, now’s a great time to be thinking about how…

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Let's Blog!

Welcome to the People Matters blog.  Here we’ll be discussing topics of interest to our clients in the area of human resources and the supervision of people.  We hope that you share your input on these topics below to create a community of people thinking creatively about these topics. See you in the next post!…

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