How to use recruiting variety to hire the best


What do commercial fishing and hiring have in common?  You get better results when you “cast a wide net!” Every supervisor and manager wants to improve their chances of hiring a person who brings in more business, reduces costs, has innovative ideas, and takes full responsibility for their work. By using a variety of recruiting…

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10 (Work-Appropriate) Ways to Express Love at Work

Valentine’s Day is next week. Although it’s often seen as a day to celebrate romantic love, in the workplace it can be a day to express positive feelings to colleagues. In particular, busy supervisors and managers who realize they don’t consistently communicate all the things they like, appreciate, and respect about their team members can…

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How Being Flexible Can Make You an Employer of Choice


Low unemployment and the creation of 167,000 new jobs in the U.S. each month has led to our current talent shortage (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This is great if you’re looking for a job but frustrating if you’re looking to hire high performers. Would you like to improve your ability to recruit and retain top…

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The One Thing Your Team Needs Most Right Now


How to ensure success in the New Year Have you ever felt like you’re trying to move your team forward while the rest of the world has a hold of the back of your shirt? The highest impact, lowest cost way to improve the performance of an individual, team, or organization is to explain the…

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