Employee Satisfaction

7 Amazingly Simple Ways for Supervisors to Build Trust

I don’t believe that “rah-rah” speeches motivate people.  In my experience, the more effective route is to hire people who are intrinsically motivated to do great work and then do everything possible not to de-motivate them. Few things demotivate people faster than working with a supervisor they don’t trust. Why is trust so important?  When…

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What Kind of Supervisor Do You Want to Be?

Most of us never ask this question of ourselves.  Supervisors are expected to be better at juggling than clowns riding unicycles at the circus; who has time for deep contemplation about supervisory style? However, success in any area of life is preceded by a focus on the things that you want.  If you aren’t clear…

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How to Use the Third Mind at Work

The Third Mind I was fortunate to attend a local networking event recently, which provided lots of synergy with many, MANY great people.   This synergy (and the great people) led me to think more about the phenomenon called “the third mind.” “The third mind” is when two people or individual minds come together for a…

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