The Value of Abundant Praise at Work

A women being celebrated at an office meeting

A senior-level leader once told me she wasn’t one to give much praise so she needed to hire someone who didn’t need that.  So, finding someone with a high level of self-confidence went on my list of have-to-have characteristics of the candidates.  However, it got me thinking, is praise only for those with low self-confidence?…

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How to Make it to the Next Vacation

How to Make it to the Next Vacation Taking time away from the demands and stress of work and life, in general, is essential to our well-being. There are incredible benefits to taking vacations. However, we now know from research what we already knew from life experience; the positive effects of vacations only last about…

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How to Find an Extra Hour in 3 Easy Steps


Springtime officially arrives in two weeks (March 20th). The promise of sunshine and warmer temperatures makes most of us smile wide enough to crack the dry skin on our cheeks that accumulated during the chilly winter months. As a rite of passage into the next season, most of us in the United States must pass…

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