3 Fun and Significant Ways to Celebrate Diversity

Happy Black History Month!  It’s great that this honoring of African American heritage and achievements is celebrated in February because it can serve as a warm-up for celebrating diversity all year long. Celebrating minority milestones and holidays in the workplace is celebrating diversity itself.  It demonstrates an inclusive culture and also shows employees how to…

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A Surprising Way to Be a Better Supervisor

HR consultant in Lansing Michigan talking with a facilities manager

If you’re stressed at work, people around you can feel it.  It makes others uneasy.  They wonder if you’re going to snap and walk out or even unleash on them.  Now they’re stressed out too! The most dangerous thing about stress in the workplace is that it’s contagious.  It can run through a department faster…

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Excellent Hiring Will Make You an In-Demand Manager

A Human Resources consultant shaking hands of a new hire they recruited.

Top performers are good at what they do and are recognized by others as being better than average.  How do you build a reputation as a high-performing manager? Managers must do a wide variety of things well.  However, when you look at the cause and effect relationships between all these responsibilities, there is one that…

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Powerful Catalyst for Remarkable Change: Mentoring 3.0

A Michigan human resource consultant having a mentor session.

Did you know that January is National Mentoring Month here in the U.S.? (Yep, there is a National Month or Day for almost everything!) The month is dedicated to focusing on supporting the positive growth and development of young people to help them become successful adults. As a person who spends her days in the…

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