How Creativity Can Boost Your Organization’s Success

When creativity is mentioned in a work setting, many people shut down.  The reaction is often, “I’m not creative, so I’ll leave that to someone else.”  We often mistakenly believe that to be creative is synonymous with artistic. Artistic refers to working in the arts: painting, drawing, acting, writing, etc. or creating things that are…

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How to Lead Your Team to More New Ideas

We’ve all heard the saying, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Moving forward requires change and change requires you to do things differently. Many teams struggle with moving beyond the status quo. By engaging your entire team in exploring options, you’ll increase the odds that they commit to the resulting changes. This makes…

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How to Unleash Your Creative Side by Busting This Myth


Do you feel like you’re not a creative person? When it’s time to prepare a new PowerPoint or brainstorm new ways to recognize your employees, does your mind go blank? The research on creativity is clear – it’s a good thing! According to Adobe’s “State of Create: 2016” study, people who describe themselves as “someone…

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