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Happy Employee Appreciation Day!  The first Friday in March has been set aside every year since 1995 as Employee Appreciation Day.

Organizations wouldn’t be able to operate without employees.  This simple fact is too often overlooked and unacknowledged. Our days are jampacked with more to-dos than we have time to do!

Today is a day to pause for a moment to thank those around us for everything they do to help the organization succeed.

What’s Your Plan?

If you haven’t planned anything for today, it’s not too late!  Although some companies put on more elaborate celebrations, like any holiday, it’s the thought that counts.

Here are a few last-minute ideas that don’t take much time or money:

  • Write a “thank you” note to each employee describing what you appreciate about him/her. Everyone likes to hear how they individually contribute to the organization. In this technological age of emails and texts, a handwritten note is a nice touch!
  • That being said, it’s the content that counts the most. A well-crafted email expressing your gratitude for what the person brings to the team is not something employees read every day and will be well received.
  • Bring lunch in or go out to eat as a group. It will make the day special and give you a chance to interact informally with everyone at once.
  • Acknowledge the day and each person’s contributions today, and then plan a lunch or get together next week to celebrate.

Lasting Impact

Hearing what we do well doesn’t just make us feel good in the moment.  We remember compliments we are given for days—and sometimes years–into the future.

These compliments strengthen an employee’s positive relationship with the organization, which helps with retention. They also encourage the person to keep doing the things for which they were acknowledged, which, in turn, improves performance.

One day won’t undo a full year of neglect.  However, setting aside a day to ensure that special focus is given to recognizing staff is a great starting point or addition to what you already do.

It’s More Fun When We Share!

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