7 Easy Ways to Show Employees Some Love!

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Valentine’s Day weekend is a great time to think about how to show the loved ones in your personal life how important they are to you.  You know who else likes to hear they’re special?  Your employees!

A Daily Practice

Celebrating employees’ birthdays, employment anniversaries or throwing a party for significant team accomplishment are a nice touch and enjoyed by employees.  But what makes the greatest impact on employee satisfaction is what you do the other 250 or so work days of the year.

Below are some ideas of how to show your employees how important they are to the organization every day.

7 Ways to Show Employees They Are Valued

1. Say hello in the morning and goodbye at night.

It seems like common courtesy, right?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard employees complain that their supervisor doesn’t do these two things.

2. Ask about his/her personal life.

Don’t pry or delve into any inappropriate topics, but asking about kids, family, a recent vacation are all things that signal you care about the person, not only as an employee, but as a human being. Strong personal connections are part of what makes work life significant to all of us.

3. Share areas for improvement.

If an employee isn’t hitting the mark, letting him/her know right away provides an opportunity for change. Holding it for the end of the year review feels like a gotcha, and won’t lead to performance improvement, only to bitter feelings.

4. Describe what’s going well.

We all love to hear how we add value to the place we work.  If you have trouble remembering to do this consistently, put it on your to-do list at least every couple weeks.

5. Pay a competitive wage.

“Show me the love” requires “show me the money”.  Most people are not greedy nor driven to higher levels of performance by money, but the lack of adequate compensation will most certainly distract them from doing their best work.

6. Give control.

When people have some control over what they do, when they do it and who they work with, they naturally will perform at higher levels.

7. Get out of their way.

No one likes a micro-manager.  Most micro-managers don’t even like micro-managers and often don’t recognize the tendency in themselves.  If you’re not sure if you are one or not, have some frank conversations with employees you trust to tell you the truth.

Give people a clear direction of where they are going, and the tools they need to get there and then watch them fly!

Continue to Hone Your Art

Being an outstanding supervisor is an art form that is rare, but can be developed.  The tips above are some of the basics that will ensure that your employees feel appreciated and respected.

As a result, they will respect you as their supervisor, perform at higher levels and be more likely to stay with your organization.

It’s More Fun When We Share!

Showing employees they’re valued can be done in many ways. Hopefully the ideas above get you thinking. Please post in the comment section below your ideas about how you plan to show the love. I can’t wait to hear what you are doing!

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