7 Ways You Should Hire Like You Select a Mate

Have you ever hired someone and later regretted it? Maybe you didn’t have much time to fill the job, so when one of your team members recommended her friend, who seemed awesome, you talked to her once and then offered her a job.  Within a few months, you could see that she didn’t have the…

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How to Quickly Screen Resumes and Find the Best

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stared at a stack of resumes, dreading having to read through them to determine if they’re worth pursuing. With today’s electronic applicant tracking systems (ATS), it’s much quicker and easier to whittle down the pile to those that are likely the best fit.  But you still have to know…

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How to use recruiting variety to hire the best


What do commercial fishing and hiring have in common?  You get better results when you “cast a wide net!” Every supervisor and manager wants to improve their chances of hiring a person who brings in more business, reduces costs, has innovative ideas, and takes full responsibility for their work. By using a variety of recruiting…

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