National Picnic Month
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Getting outdoors during the work day feels like playing hooky from school, doesn’t it?

If you need a good excuse to hangout outside today, look no further than your calendar because July is National Picnic Month!

I’m always on the lookout for any reason to bring fun into the workplace.  And what could be more fun than a mid-day break outside, hanging out with your coworkers, and eating yummy food?

All Work and No Play….

Opportunities for staff to take time away from work to connect with one another promotes teamwork.  Bonding is one of our innate human drives.

It promotes positive feelings, and nothing is more important than making sure we feel good.

That’s because when we feel good, we have more enthusiasm, creativity, and stamina, all of which make us more productive, and getting things done feels good and ensures the cycle continues.

On the flip side, if we work long hours without breaks and social interaction, we end up exhausted and burnt out.  Our productivity dips.

It just takes small doses of social breaks sprinkled throughout the days, weeks, and months to make a significant impact on the productivity of a team.

Make It Easy

PicnicWhat gets in supervisors’ and managers’ way of making these connection times happen are 1) a lack of ideas and 2) a lack of time to plan.  But neither of these things are show-stoppers.

In addition to the traditional holidays, National Day Calendar tracks an unbelievable 1500 national days, weeks, and months.  Add a reoccurring 10-minute appointment to your calendar on the 25th of each month to peek at their website and map out the special occasions for the coming month.

If this is time you simply don’t have, see if there are a few employees who want to identify and plan these days.  Be sure to give them some parameters and then delegate the coordination to them.

These get togethers can be very simple.  Using National Picnic Month as an example, it could be as simple as asking everyone to bring their lunch outside at a certain time and flopping down on a few blankets or picnic tables.

If you want to kick it up a notch, everyone could bring a dish to pass or order in from a sandwich shop.  Add a frisbee and some music, and the typical lunch break becomes a mini-party!

Encouraging your teams to celebrate together is good for the team and will make you a sought-after manager to work for!

Share Your Social Connection Ideas!

How do you infuse your workplace with fun and social connections?

You can leave your answer in a comment below.

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