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The Value of Abundant Praise at Work

The Value of Abundant Praise at Work Article by Jodi Wehling A senior level leader once told me she wasn’t one to give much praise so she needed to hire someone who didn’t need that.  So, finding someone with a high level of self-confidence went on my list of have-to-have characteristics of the candidates.  However,…

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How Job Descriptions Can Promote Engagement

Managers often struggle with how to effectively empower team members.  How do we balance our responsibility of oversight with the autonomy that leads to engagement? The first step in answering that question may lie in the humble job description. The business world has a love-hate relationship with job descriptions, as demonstrated by the praise and…

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Quality Onboarding for High Productivity and Retention

The feeling of finding a solid candidate to fill an open slot on a team is typically a mix of excitement, gratitude, and relief.  The excitement and gratitude are self-explanatory, but the relief is felt because the hiring process, when done well, takes time and attention away from other responsibilities. I’ve made the common mistake…

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7 Ways You Should Hire Like You Select a Mate

Have you ever hired someone and later regretted it? Maybe you didn’t have much time to fill the job, so when one of your team members recommended her friend, who seemed awesome, you talked to her once and then offered her a job.  Within a few months, you could see that she didn’t have the…

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